Has Your Lifestyle Made a U-Turn on You, Because of the New Economy or Advancements in Technology?

Wouldn't Your Life Be Easier, If The Internet Was Working For You 24/7? Wouldn't It Be Nice Building A Community Of Faithful Customers, From Your Internet Marketing, Website, Blog and Facbook Fan Page? What If You Knew Exactly How To Do Just That!!!.

Do You Think, Having This Advantage Would Be Worth Some Time And Effort?.

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Internet Marketing and Website Building Are Skills, Which Means They Can Be Acquired Through Learning.

Internet Marketing and/or Website Building should be a reflection of your personality, brand and business ethics. This holds true, no matter if your trying to sell products or promote an offline business. The only interaction between you and potential customers, on the Internet is through typed out words or video. With this being the only means of communication, and the goal being for the sites visitors to know, like and trust you. It can only be reached, with your involvement, this is one of my requirements. To be very blunt, there are many, in the business of writing hype and BS, which doesn’t require anything from you at all. This approach can be effective for short term traffic, if that’s what you’re looking for. We set you up to build a community of followers, which you turn into customers.

So What Exactly Do We Offer

Internet marketing coaching and training

Training and Coaching…

    • Beginner Computer Training: For people who just want to become computer literate.
    • Website Building: We can train you how to build your own website, with a free website editor. This is for those who want to be creative and see the results of their efforts live, on the Internet.
    • Internet Marketing Coaching: This is for someone that wants to build an online business. Someone who has faith in themselves and a burning desire for success. These people, need to be action takers, that will settle for nothing less than reaching their ultimate goal.

Our Training Programs: After an initial interview to find out exactly what you would like to learn. If accepted, we will then develop a training series to meet your needs. This training will involve phone calls, email lessons and worksheets which you will need to complete. Upon completion of the work, you will then email us the finished documents for review, before the next scheduled lesson.


small business consulting

Offline Consulting: For businesses that want an online presence. As I mentioned earlier, you can hire any Internet Marketing Agency to come and get your business on the Internet. If that’s all your looking for, then I would recommend doing so. For me, every business has a personality which separates it from others, this difference needs to be the driving force to your customer base, the very reason why people should be walking through your doors. It’s the critical means to success and must stand out in your Internet presence. In order to accomplish this, would require a commitment by the business owner to be involved as needed.

  • Consulting: If you already have a website and it’s not performing the way you would like, or want to have it updated. We would be happy to look it over for you to see exactly what improvements could be made.
  • Website Construction: We can build you a standard website or one using word press, which has now become the industry standard. Word press can be used as a blog platform, which allows commenting from your potential customers and also can be used for a website only, without commenting. Word press integrates well with Facebook.
  • Facebook Fan Pages: Many business have been turning to Social Media Presence now days, Facebook seems to be the top priority. We can get your page up and running, set your Fan Page to link directly back to your site plus setup a coupon distributor that will be shown in between the Fan Page and your site.
  • Auto-Responder: An auto-responder is primarily used to capture the email address of your visitors. Having the ability to do this, can benefit your business tremendously. It enables you the ability, to send out newsletters concerning your business, upcoming sales or specials. Having an auto-responder account allows you to write whatever you want your email list to be aware of once, click on the send button and it goes out. Everyone that has signed up will receive it automatically.

Note: Marketing your business on Facebook is a complete different style of reaching out to your potential customers. This is a Social Network and people don’t use it as a means of buying, so pushing products or business is not your objective. You’re looking to relate with people in a way that entices them to comment on your posts. Your topics should be related to your business, but posted in the form of questions, or any other method that would require engagement from the visitors. You would need to post 2 to 4 time daily. The more comments you can receive on your posts, the higher Facebook will rank you. Higher rankings, bring more visitors, likes and followers, which eventually will turn into more customers.

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The Testimonial Box Above: as you can plainly see is empty. We had one of three options to choose from for that box:

  1. We could have just left it off the page and nobody would have even noticed. This would be the choice made by most companies.
  2. We could have broken the law, which was put into place a few years back and paid people to write great testimonials. That would be lying, deceiving and breaking the law.
  3. Put the box in blank, to prove a point, which I decided was the best choice. The point I wanted to prove is that our success depends upon your success.

Our seven years on the Internet, have been spent learning, keeping up with the constant Google and Facebook changes and creating our own profit type websites. While still maintaining and growing in these areas, expanding in a new direction feels like the right move for us. The way we decided to handle this, is by slashing, what would be our normal pricing dramatically, in return for your testimonials. All we ask is; if we accept you into one of our programs at this special low pricing, you give us your honest opinion of the service that was provided to you.

We do want a certain number of testimonials and when that number is reached, the special pricing will disappear forever. I’m not going to share the amount, all I can really say, is when we get there, this will be gone. Our pricing, is based on a per job type basis.

Thank you, for visiting and reading our web page.

Have a wonderful day,
Ceo | Manager
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